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Happy Friday!  

Safe travels to all of our friends who are traveling (or have traveled) for spring break, and blessings and warm wishes to all who are preparing for Passover and Easter.

We will press forward with cityhood for this community, and will have exciting announcements soon!


Response from Kevin Levitas, former LCA chair, to AJC article 3/21/14 . The letter printed in print and online was edited by the AJC to omit Levitas’ comments about false statements made in the original AJC article. 

Dear Editor:

The city of Lakeside’s legislative defeat is a compelling “House of Cards” tale about a genuine cityhood movement losing to high-priced lobbyists, gullible and anti-city legislators, counterfeit “cityhood” groups and a perverse legislative process.  Unfortunately, the AJC missed this story last week, rushing to print instead an error-filled article with an eye-catching headline.

Among the article’s false statements is that Lakeside hired Republican lobbyists and consultants.  The Tucker group hired lobbyists for dirty work, but Lakeside did not hire lobbyists or consultants.  The article also falsely stated that Lakeside “would have created another Republican-leaning city.”  The truth is that Obama won the Lakeside boundary area 56%-42% over Romney, and Barnes outpolled Deal 52%-43%.

Several factors caused Lakeside’s defeat: bogus information spread by Tucker advocates; lack of appropriate House and House committee leadership; and the strange killing of this local DeKalb cityhood bill by Representative John Meadows, a powerful House chairman from remote northeast Georgia.

Ironic and unreported, however, is that Tucker’s failure to follow House rules helped doom Lakeside.  Unlike Tucker or Briarcliff (whose phony “bills” were only 9 lines long), Lakeside produced a 45-page bill along with a map, as committee rules require.  Oddly, legislators eventually tied the fate of Lakeside’s Senate-approved bill to Tucker’s sham document.  When lawmakers tried but failed to skirt their own rules to move the Tucker bill, Lakeside was dragged down with it.

What a shame the AJC did not report the real story.  Visit www.lakesidealliance.org for more.

Kevin Levitas, former Co-Chair, Lakeside City Alliance


The Lakeside City Alliance (LCA) is a non-profit organization comprised of neighbors in North DeKalb County who are studying whether the formation of a new city is both necessary and feasible to provide local control to our community. 


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