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Please donate today to help fund the feasibility study for our community!

An economic feasibility study is required by Georgia law to determine if an area is viable to support cityhood.  This analysis of the residential, commercial and industrial areas of a community will provide an estimate of estimate of what those different revenue sources would generate. For your convenience we accept donations with paypal or our new processor for visa and mastercard payments go to this webpage.

As of May 5, We’ve raised over $20,000 towards the required $30,000 to fund the feasibility study! 

The required study costs $30,000 – here’s how you can help!

$25 x 1200 donations = $30,000
$50 x 600 donations = $30,000
$100 x 300 donations = $30,000
$1000 x 30 donations = $30,000
$30,000 x 1 donation – $30,000 :)

Donations to fund our study are appreciated. Please click below to pay securely through PayPal.

Please mail donations to: Lakeside City Alliance, P. O. Box 451106, Atlanta, GA 31145